Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lazer Brody returns to RBS to speak on:"Finding Inner Peace"

Lazer Brody returns to RBS to speak on:"Finding Inner Peace"

MONDAY Dec. 31 8:00pm – 9:30pm
Kehillat Ahava VeSimcha - Carlebach
Nachal Dolev 70, RBS A
10nis requested donation.

Lazer Brody is an ex-IDF elite team commando, baalteshuva, world famous lecturer & translator/author of"The Garden of Emunah" and "Trail to Tranquility".
He has produced dozens of CDs with audio shiurim thathave helped and inspired tens of thousands of peoplewordwide on such topics as emuna, shalom bayit,prayer, family, etc. The lecture will be in English.

Books and CDs will be available.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Chanuka Party Nshei Biala

Nshei Biala would like to invite the women of RBS to our annual Chanukah party and an inspiring lecture by the Biala Rebbetzin of Lugano, Switzerland in English.

DATE: Monday night-7th night of Chanukah- December 10th
TIME: Doors open at 8p.m. She will begin speaking at 8:30p.m. Sharp
WHERE: The home of Naomi Levine
Nachal Katlav 14a/4
(Last building on right and right entrance)
COST: 15nis

We look forward to seeing you!
Tell a friend!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Bostoner on Earthquakes

The earthquake here in eretz yisroel was felt sometime after midnight. In the morning one chossid jokingly said it was Hashem rocking us in bed like a mother rocking her child in a cradle.
During Shalosh Seudos the Rebbe shlit"a said that after feeling the earthquake in the middle of the night he was pondering the meaning of trembling and awe and fear of G-d what we call in lashon hakodesh, Yiras Shamayim with retes, ziya and ra'ada.
The Rebbe gave a mashal using the parable of a tuning fork, where once hit the fork resonates a tone. One tine of the fork is hit however the companion tine shkes as well. Scientifically this is due to sound waves which are oberservable phenomonen in water. If I throw a pebble into water the water waves ripple and I can see the movement. This is tru in air as well but our eyes cannot observe it.
The Rebbe explained that what is true in the physical world holds true spiritually as well. If my neighbor quakes and shakes the message is that I must be shaking and trembling as well. Sometimes Hashem's message is that we have to unite and feel eachother's pain and fear. Perhaps this is one of the lessons of yiras shamayim.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nightly Torah Learning Program at the Carlebach Shul

Kehillat Ahava VeSimcha - Carlebachat Beit Knesset Netzach Bet Hillel

Join us at the Evening Torah Learning Program.
Separate Seating.

  • Sunday nights at 9pm: Pirkei Avot Shiur
  • Monday nights at 9pm: Mishnah Berurah - Hilchot Chanukah in Hebrew with RavYosef Ifergan, Rosh Kollel Maayanot Chaim Yosef
  • Tuesday nights at 9pm: "Torat HaGeulah" shiur in Hebrew with Rav Chanan Levi.
  • Wednesday nights at 9pm: Parshat HaShavua and Hashkafa in English and Hebrew with Reuven Shefi-Gal.
  • Thursday nights at 10pm: Breslov Evening, including learning, songs and food,in a "Tish" atmosphere, often with a guest speaker.

Sunday through Thursday nights at 8:30pm: Daf Yomi shiur in Hebrew with Rav Dov Terespolsky.

PLUS: Shabbat afternoons at 3pm: Parshat HaShavua Shiur for children ages 8-12, with Reuven Shefi-Gal.

Tiyulim will also be organized forthe participants.
For more information, contact Reuven Shefi-Gal by email at

Download Rav Orlowek's Shiur

Rav Orlowek's shiur from this past Motzei Shabbos, entitled ChutznikParents, Israeli Children, Striking a Happy, Healthy Balance is now available online.
You can listen to the shiur online or download it from our website

Posted by: "Hakshiva"

Rabbi Frand's famous weekly Halacha and Hashkafa Shiur

Come see and hear Rabbi Frand's famous weekly Halacha and Hashkafa Shiur, based on the Parsha.

You will understand why thousands of people around the world enjoy viewing these fabulous shiurim each week.

Video is presented by the Torah Conferencing Network.

MONDAY NIGHTS at 9:30 PM(following 9:15 Maariv)
Nachal Maor 4/2 Ramat Bet Shemesh
No Charge, Just Come and Enjoy!

Rav Frand's shiur can be seen iy"H every Monday night at 9:30 in Aish Kodesh

Women's Shiur on SIMCHA

The Kehillas Shivtei Yeshurun Women's Committee

Is OVERJOYED to announce a new shiur on SIMCHA to be given by Rebbetzin Debra Rubanowitz

Date: Tuesday, 20-Nov-07

Time: 20:45

Location: Nachal Alexander 3/2 - Sun Gardens (Beninson home)

Audience: Women

Language: English

Lema'an Achai's Mesibat Chanukah - 2 weeks & 2 days!

Lema'an Achai is
Delighted to invite the communities of Ramat Beit Shemesh and Beit Shemesh to join in our Eighth Annual Family Mesibat Chanukah
Date: Tuesday, December 4th - 1st night of Chanuka
Time: 6:45 PM
Where: Ulam Sport on Sorek in Ramat Beit Shemesh
Price: In Advance : Child (3-14): NIS 25; Adult: NIS 35
At the Door: Child (3-14): NIS 35; Adult: NIS 45(Same price for 3 years running!)

Featuring:* Candle Lighting, Divrei Torah, ...* The Kol Berama Boys' Choir* Nekudat Tova Theater Group - "Pashut Sameach"* Chalav U'Dvash Pizza and Cotton Candy/Popcorn on Sale* Raffle with Fantastic Prizes*
And more ...Have a great evening out with the family, and help support your local charity!
See you there!-

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Demonstration - New Date

We finalized with the police that the demonstration against violence will take place next Monday, November 5th, 2007 at 6 p.m. Rechov Herzog.

Exact details still to follow.
Spread the word.
If you would like to help organizing please call or e-mail me.

Shalom Lerner
9909817/8 050 5256716

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lema'an Achai and Lenny Solomon Present A Music Extravaganza!

Lema'an Achai and Lenny Solomon Present A Music Extravaganza!
Lenny Solomon
Kol B'Rama Choir
Advance Tickets ONLY 35 NIS! (50 NIS at the Door)
Motzei Shabbos Kodesh Parshas Chaya Sorah
November 3, 20077:45 PM
Ulam HaSport - Nachal Sorek
Get your tickets at:
(Please call first)
LA Office Lachish 40/7 999-1553
Jo's Club 992-3020
Rubin HaYarkon 4 999-9910
David Ayalon 17/10 999-7832
Leventhal Dolev 53/5 991-5317
Finn Maor 12/3 991-2870
Gerstman HaYasmin 19 999-6589
Hoffman Shivtei Yisrael 2/11 991-9425

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Urgent - Time for Action!

The demonstration due to take place this Monday, on Rechov Herzog, against violence in the neighborhoods, has been postponed due to technical reasons. We will notify you as soon as possible of a new date.
Shalom Lerner
Deputy Mayor Beit Shemesh
9909817/8 050 5256716

Two days ago a woman was attacked on a bus; I was told that Friday, before Shabbat, some fanatics put rocks on Rechov Herzog, which could be very dangerous; yesterday they sprayed graffiti around the area of Orot Neria on Rechov Herzog (signs and fences).

After speaking this morning to the Chief of Police, Jerusalem region (under whose jurisdiction we are) I realized that we cannot rely on them and we have to start acting.

On Monday evening at 18.00 (29.10.07), we will, be"h hold a mass demonstration on Rechov Herzog in front of the buildings who think that it's their shecunah, telling them "Ad Ka'an" "עד כאן".

If you want to live peacefully with us, good. This is our city, our neighborhoods and we plan to stay here and we won't let you ruin it!

I hope that all good people in Beit Shemesh, especially Scheinfeld, Aviv and Rama Aleph residents will be there on mass.

We are planning a meeting of activists on Friday morning - if you would like to join or help, please e-mail or call me (see below).

We have waited long enough (maybe too > long) and now is the time to take action.

All the best,
Shalom Lerner Deputy Mayor Beit Shemesh 9909817/8 050 5256716

Community RBSA Kiddush

To remind you all: As we have done in the last 4 years, We are having again this Shabat,Parshat vayera a HUGE kidush at the RBS Matnas

the kidush is for everyone that lives in the community of Ramat Bet Shemesh.

The kidush is sponsored with the help of Mr jecky Edri Member of cityc ouncil and of mr. shalom lerner ,deputy mayor

Bialle Shtiebel Friday Morning 8:15 davening, shiur,and breakfast

The Bialle Shtiebel (Dolev 2/2) has davening every Friday Morning at 8:15.
Following davening, there is a weekly Shiur given by Rabbi Ari Mor.
The topic is the 613 Mitzvos. The Mitzvos will be presented in their order.

See Rabbi Frand's Weekly Shiur Monday Nights 9:30 atAish Kodesh

Thanks to the Torah Conferencing Network, Rabbi Yissochar Frand's weekly shiur from Baltimore can now be seen in Ramat Bet Shemesh at Aish Kodesh.

Join thousands of people in locations around the world who participate in watching this fabulous shiur!

This is a fascinatiing 1 hour shiur based on Parshas HaShavua.

It includes both a halachic analysis related to a particular halacha from the Parsha, as well as inyonei hashkafa and mussar from the Parsha.

Monday nights 9:30 pm at Aish Kodesh, immediately following 9:15 Maariv.

For more information, or if you are interesting in seeing other TCN shiurim such as Rabbi Yisroel Reisman's famous Motzai Shabbos shiur, please call 052-768-1179

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Harav Kornfeld - Halacha/Mussar Shiur at Aish Kodesh

Reminder: Weekly Shiur! for men

Every Thursday Nightat 9:30(at Aish Kodesh)

Practical Topics inHilchos Shabbos(with a touch of mussar)

given by Harav Elimelech Kornfeld (in English)
(Maariv precedes shiur at 9:15)

Ramat Beit Shemesh A Nachal Maor 4/24/2 2-999-4397

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jackie Edry and Zvi Wolicki will be with us Monday night - please come

Please join us for our next Anti-Violence Action Committee meeting:

When: Monday night, October 15th at 8:30 pm
Where: Havatzelet 14B, Ra'anan home

On the Agenda:

* Effective and quick ways of gathering signatures on the petition
* Setting a date to meet with the mayor and chief of police
* Letting the candidates know how important this is to us...

Our meeting Monday night has turned from a "let's brainstorm ideas after
the chagim" discussion to a meeting with 2 elected officials within the
Beit Shemesh municipal government. Please come, if nothing else to show
Jackie and Zvi that we are real, that we are to be taken seriously, and
that we won't stop until the problem is solved.


Sharon Ra'anan
NDS Technical Writer
(02) 589-4147 0545-665-105

New Evening Kollel on Choshen Mishpot

Kehillas Shivtei Yeshurun in RBS-A is happy to announce
the start of an evening kollel for
Avreichim and Baalei Batim
in the fundamentals of Choshen Mishpot.

Rav Baruch Rubanowitz will be guiding the group
in selected sections of Choshen Mishpot.
(To learn more about the Rav, see

We will first learn kinyonim,
the halachos of acquisitions and commitments.
The seder will include shiurim Sun, Mon & Wed from 21:10 to 22:00,
chavrusa learning at each person's convenience,
and a Thursday night chabura on the Ketzos and Nesivos.

The first session will be Sunday night, 14-Oct-07 at 21:10.
(Maariv will precede the session at 20:50).
It will be held at Beit Knesset Ateret Shaul,
1 Shvil HaGichon, corner of Nachal Dolev.

For more information, please contact

Aish Kodesh Yahrzeit Seudah

Yahrzeit Seudah

On Monday night, the eve of 4 Cheshvan (October 15) at 8:30 there will be iy”H a yahrzeit seudah forthe Piacezne Admor z”l hy”dthe author of Chovas Hatalmidim & other works

at Beis Midrash Aish Kodesh

Nachal Maor 4/2

Ramat Beit Shemesh

(Ladies’ section open)

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Action Committee Against Violence in Beit Shemesh - Petition Against the Violence Available for Signing

The Action Committee has prepared a petition against the violence and intimidation, with the help of many people, including Chareidim from Ramat Bet Shemesh Bet who are against the violence and intimidation. Our aim has been to develop a petition phrased in such a way as to condemn the violence and intimidation categorically, while also using Hebrew phraseology acceptable to even the most halachically meticulous in the Chareidi community.

We aim to use this petition as one of the steps in uniting all sectors of the community in Bet Shemesh against the violence, and showing that people of good will from all sectors CAN work together fruitfully to solve problems in our city. We will present the mayor and the police chief with the thousands of signatures which we expect to collect – but, more important than that, we will use this petition as a statement by the vast majority of the people of all sectors in the city that we will not tolerate violence and intimidation, and that we want to change the atmosphere such that Bet Shemesh will once again be noted as a quiet pleasant city, and will no longer be in the news mainly because of violent incidents.

We realize that full realization of this vision will probably take years, but we are willing to work step-by-step to galvanize the goodwill of the majority of people of all sectors in the city into a force that this city can be proud of. The more people who sign this petition the more it will signal to the hooliganistic elements, who are trying to intimidate the good people of Bet Shemesh, that people WILL stand up and be counted against such reprehensible behavior.

We request that all residents of Bet Shemesh from the age of 18 and up sign our petition (which is in Hebrew), the English translation of which is:

We, the undersigned, condemn all acts of violence and intimidation of residents of our city which are perpetrated, as it were, in the name of our holy Torah; behavior of this type is contrary to our holy Torah and demeans it, and at times even causes actual life-threatening danger. We appeal to the leaders and Rabbis of all the communities in the city to exert all of their influence to bring about an immediate cessation of all of these types of actions. We pray that our appeal will be warmly received, and that through our endeavors the verse, (Zechariah 8:19) "Love peace and truth," will be fulfilled.

You can download the petition from this website and print it and sign it and collect signatures of your neighbors – please contact Catriel Lev (054-762-9332) in Ramat Bet Shemesh, or Sharon Raanan (054-566-5105) in Nofei Aviv, when you have sheets full of signatures, so that we can collect them.

You can also receive petition files by sending an Email to Catriel Lev (Email: requesting them.

Additionally, people can sign the petition online at the internet address:
And we thank HaMoetzah HaTziburit Lemaan Bet Shemesh for providing the web page where people can sign the petition online!

Please help make Bet Shemesh a better place by signing this petition and encouraging others to sign as well.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Festival Bet Shemesh

It is with great pleasure that I can notify all list users that all activities planned for Sukkot as part of the Festival Bet Shemesh can be seen at

The full program is ready in Hebrew and the main events in English.

The entire English program will be completed in a day or two.

Brochures (in Hebrew) will be distributed/delivered before Chag.

For the first time ever (for a small fee) your friends and family from abroad will be able to watch the Festival thanks to Donny Wetzler of Video Eden.

So tell your friends and family that they too, can be part of the Bet Shemesh Festival. It will be filmed live and they can watch via the Internet - same site as above.

I take this opportunity to thank Jonty Zwebner for arranging two great evenings of Jewish Music with 16 of the top bands and Orly Luk for arranging three days of various tiyulim and activities suitable for all.

I would also like to thank all the City's partners, the Ministries of Tourism and Culture, Partnership 2000, Mifal Hapayis, Matnas, Moazah Datit, Midreshet Bet Shemesh, Jerusalem Post, Yoav-Yehuda Tourism Board, Y-net Yahadut, Keren Kayemet, and Rochvei Shimshon, who together with many volunteers and municipal workers worked hard to make this year's Festival bigger and better than before.

Chag Sameach!
Shalom Lerner
Deputy Mayor Beit Shemesh
9909817/8 050 5256716

Monday, September 17, 2007

NEW KSY Shiur for Men & Women by the Bostoner Rebbe

Kehillas Shivtei Yeshurun
Invites the entire community to
A Special Shiur by The Bostoner Rebbe of NY/RBS
Harav Chaim Avraham Horowitz shlita
"The Way Home - Teshuvah"
Date: Tuesday, 18-Sep-07
Location: The RBS-A Matnas
The Shiur will be in English For men and women (separate seating)

Appointments for Brachos Continues...

The Bostoner Rebbe of NY/RBS, Rav Chaim Avrohom Horowitz, Shlit”a will be seeing families for a bracha for the new year, Monday through Wednesday (September 17 to September 19), from 6:30-7:30pm in the evening at the Boston Beis Medrash, 21á Nachal Sorek.

If you and your family would like to see the Rebbe, please respond to this email (list the day and time desired) or call me at 992-1218 / 054-842-4725 , and I will schedule a time for you.

(This occasion will only allow for a brief exchange of brachos, and will not be an opportunity for discussion with the Rebbe which can be arranged a different time.)

Shana Tova, Gemar Chasima Tova

Monday, September 3, 2007

Harav Zvi Meir Zilberberg Shlita at the GR"A

Diverei Hisorirut for Rosh Hashana - Harav Zvi Meir Zilberberg Shlita will be speaking (in English) at the GR"A (Nachal Luz) on Tuesday night at 8:30PM.

9th Annual Asseret Yemei Tshuva Program

Simchat Yechiel presents the 9th Annual Asseret Yemei Tshuva Program for Men and Women (in English)
Date: Wednesday, September 19th
Speaker: Rav Dovid Orlofsky
Time: 8:15 PM
Place: RBS
Cost: NIS 20
Date: Thursday, September 20th
Speaker: Rav Yissocher Frand
NOTE: This is a video presentation of this year's Asserret Yemei Teshua drasha from Baltimore
Time: 8:45 PM
Place: RBS
Cost: NIS 15

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Miriam & Ephrayim Naiman

Sunday, September 2, 2007


September 5th
9am Shoshi Nissenbaum Haftorah
10am Rabbi Wagensberg Parsha HaShavua

Venue Evelyn Jacobs
Nachal Timna 10/18
Contact Naomi Abrahams 991-0079
Cost NIS 15 to cover expenses

Kehillat Menorat Hamaor's annual Women's Elul Learning Series continues....

The series is 2 more shiurim:

3. Monday, September 3rd , 2007
Dinah Lewitan: Choose Life

4. Monday, September 10th, 2007
Liora Hellman: Maximizing Zichronot, Shofarot, Malchiyot

Time: 8:15 p.m.
Venue: Haddas family
Nachal HaBesor 15/8 (down the steps from Maor 15)
Donation: NIS 10
We look forward to seeing you!



LADIES come feed your body and soul on Tuesday September 4th, 2007at 8.00 pm
Join us at the home of Dina and Darren Shaw

Nachal El Al 3/2 Ramat Bet Shemesh

Ahuva Gray is an African/American and formally Ordained Minister who will share her amazing journey from Christianity to Judaism and allow us to look at our own lives with renewed inspiration and faith for the coming new year.

At the same time you will be able to aid a truly amazing organization:
Em Habanim Smecha is an organization which helps underprivileged religious fatherless families - widows and divorcees bringing up their children in the Beitar, Bet Shemesh and Jerusalem area, with physical and spiritual support. Providing summer camps, food for chagim and daily mentoring support.

Come for a night of Inspiration and perhaps a recipe for the new year. In addition to the Zechus of helping an organization that help those who need so much support.

Suggested minimum donation 30 shekels any additional donations will be greatly appreciated

RSVP Sarit Rosenblum 995 1107 or Dina Shaw 995 1252

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A brocho from the Bostoner Rebbe Shlit"a

The Bostoner Rebbe of NY/RBS, Rav Chaim Avrohom Horowitz, Shlit”a will be seeing families for a bracha for the new year, this coming Sunday through Thursday (י"ט אלול / September 2 to כ"ד אלול / September 6), from 5:30-6:45 in the evening at the Boston Beis Medrash, 21ב Nachal Sorek.

If you and your family would like to see the Rebbe, please respond to this email, or call me at 992-1218, and I will schedule a time for you.

(This occasion will only allow for a brief exchange of brachos, and will not be an opportunity for discussion with the Rebbe.)

REMINDER: Likrat Kallah Sept 5th annual fundraiser with Sara Yocheved Rigler at the RBSA Matnas

Likrat Kallah has already helped 315 Kallahs to date.

We have an annual fundraiser and it is going to be on Sept. 5 at the Matnas with Sara Yocheved Rigler, author of Artscroll's 2nd best selling book, Holy Woman.

Admission is a gift for a needy kallah worth at least 40 NIS or a minimum monetary donation of 40 NIS.

Doors open at 7:45 with raffle and refreshments.
Speaker to follow. Hope to see you there

Thanks, Sadeena Pinhasik

Reminder Lazer Brody with musical guest on Sunday at Carlebach Shul

Lazer Brody returns with musical accompaniment!

Sunday September 2 at 8pm at Kehillat Ahava VeSimcha-Carlebach Shul, 70 Nachal Dolev, RBS A.

Rav Lazer Brody will speak on preparing for the High Holidays: "How to win your case in the Heavenly Court".

ALSO: Brief musical accompaniment and break with (oneor both members of) ELYON.


These two very unique and inspirational musicians -Eliezer Kosoy and Yonason Hill - form the musical duet"Elyon".

Their mellow and distinctive style resonates with inner beauty and truth.
The vision of Elyon is to create a unique brand of music that will inspire, strengthen and arouse the hearts of Jews to come closer to Hashem.

The music is strongly influenced by ideas from the Chassidic and Mussar movements, and takes from classical American folk.

In a magazine article entitled "If Simon andGarfunkel were frum", they were accurately compared to that legendary duo.

10 NIS suggested donation at the door. Separate seating. The program is open to all ADULTS. CDs and books will be available.

KEHILAT MEAM LOEZ Invite you to a shiur for ladies by Rav Aaron Bass

Invite you to a Shiur by Rav Aaron Bassous on "A deeper understanding of the Yamim Noraim"

8.45pm - Sunday 2nd September 07
@ the home of Family Kelaty
Nachal Ya'aleh (off Nachal Katlav)
for further details please call 0525 610 702

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ner LeElef's campus kiruv training program

For Kollel Students Looking to Impact the Jewish World...

Ner LeElef is starting the next round of its Campus Kiruv Training Program after the Chagim, 5768. The program includes:
• Growth as a Ben Torah and Mashpiah
• $600 Monthly Stipend
• One year of high caliber training with Respected Mechanchim
• Two year commitment abroad
• Compatibility with full-time Kollel Studies

This year-long program includes an outstanding and diverse educational team of Rabbanim, Mechanchim, and Kiruv professionals, with a focus on skill development, individual needs, and fieldwork experience. Classes cover topics in Hashkafa, Halacha, and Counseling. Wives participate in a less time-intensive, high quality preparation course as well.

There is a great demand for young rabbinic couples to work with Jewish youth around the USA and the world, with attractive and financially viable long-term career options currently available.

For information, contact:

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Women's Elul Learning Program


Kehillat Menorat Hamaor is pleased to invite the community to our Women's Elul Learning Program

The series is 4 shiurim:

  1. Monday, August 20th 2007
    Ariel Greenberg - Approaching the Unapproachable: Lessons From Tefillat Chana
  2. Monday, August 27th, 2007
    Rebecca Rubinstein - The Power of Tfila to Change our Reality
  3. Monday, September 3rd , 2007
    Dinah Lewitan: Choose Life
  4. Monday, September 10th, 2007
    Liora Hellman: Maximizing Zichronot, Shofarot, Malchiyot

Time: 8:15 p.m.

Venue: Haddas family Nachal HaBesor 15/8 (down the steps from Maor 15)
Donation: NIS 10

Kolel Dirshu welcomes the new Olim

Kolel Dirshu welcomes the new Olim and invites them and all residents of RBS to join the warm and friendly night learning program geared for working men.

The hours are Sunday - Thursday, 9pm - 10pm followed by Maariv.

The program offers chavrusa learning with an avrech, and frequent mini-shiurim on the gemara being learned, as well as shiurim on different topics.

The Kolel is located off of Nachal Luz (Rav Eli Cohen's Kolel).

Contact Rav Mordechai Pitom (English speaker) at 991-0314 for more info

Monday, August 20, 2007

Rabbi Malinowitz Chovos Halevovos Shaar Habitachon Women's Shiur

Sunday evening shiur for women on Chovos Halevovos, Shaar Habitachon by Rabbi Malinowitz

Venue Shoshanah Schaefer, Nachal Maor 12/1
Phone 991 9898
Time Sundays 9.15pm - 10pm

NOTE: The shiur always begins and ends promptly

No charge
Shiur open to all women who can come

Rav Lazer Brody Preparing for the High Holidays

Lazer Brody returns! Save this date!

Sunday September 2 at 8pm at Kehillat Ahava VeSimcha -Carlebach Shul, 70 Nachal Dolev, RBS A.

Rav Lazer Brody will speak on preparing for the HighHolidays: "How to win your case in the HeavenlyCourt".

Rav Lazer Brody is an ex-IDF elite team commando and a Baal Teshuva. He has written four books, and has produced dozens of CDs with audio shiurim that have helped and inspired tens of thousands of people wordwide on such topics as emuna, shalom bayit, prayer, family, etc.

His website is read by thousands every day.
10 NIS suggested donation at the door. Separateseating.

The lecture is open to all adults. CDs and books will be available

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Women's Shiur The Process of Tshuvah

The Bostoner Rebbetzin, Ruchama Horowitz, will be giving a shiur for women about The Process of Tshuvah,

Monday morning at 11am
at the Bostoner BeisMedrash, 21A Nachal Sorek, RBS-A

Action Committee against Violence in Beit Shemesh

Meeting: 16 August, 2007

Summary of our next action item:
We are going to be circulating an anti-violence petition widely in order to collect many, many signatures. We hope to have thousands of signatures demonstrating the support of the people of Beit Shemesh against the violence for a meeting with the mayor.

Please return the petitions to Sharon Ra’anan (BS) or Catriel Lev (RBS).

Next Meeting: Sunday night, 2 September, 2007, 8:30 PM; Raanan residence, Havatzelet 14B (Nofei Aviv).

Other Items mentioned at the meeting: Encouraging serious prosecution of the hooligans who are performing the violence and intimidation, implementing an alternative road (which was once proposed) to RBS-Alef, a march against violence, requesting revocation of arnona discounts of people perpetrating violence.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Magen David Adom together with Keren Yosef have pleasure in inviting the whole community to the opening of Beit Shemesh's new and fully modernised Ambulance Station and Training Centre, the building of which was inspired by Keren Yosef's founder, Doris Mainzer z"l.

The ceremony will commence at 10a.m. on Sunday August 19th in the presence of national and localdignitaries, including the Chief Rabbi of Israel and the Minister of Health.

Please come and show your support and appreciation for this most worthy and important project.

For further details call Gina Kirsch, 9921982

Likrat Kallah Sept 5th annual fundraiser with Sara Yocheved Rigler at the RBSA Matnas


Likrat Kallah has already helped 315 Kallahs to date.
We have an annual fundraiser and it is going to be on Sept. 5 at the Matnas with Sara Yocheved Rigler, author of Artscroll's 2nd best selling book, Holy Woman.

Admission is a gift for a needy kallah worth at least 40 NIS or a minimum monetary donation of 40 NIS.

Doors open at 7:45 with raffle and refreshments.

Speaker to follow.

Hope to see you there


Sadeena Pinhasik

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Flyer Against Hooligans Distributed at the RAMA Steiblach in RBS-Bet

This is a copy of the open letter against hooligans distributed at the RAMA Steiblach in RBS-Bet. It was brought to the Piacezna Rebbe by somebody who saw it around.

Action Committee against Violence in Beit Shemesh

Meeting Minutes: August 8, 2007

Attendees: Sharon Ra’anan, Catriel Lev, Marsha and Stuart Razin, Alan Halibard, Cindy Feder, Eve Finkelstein, Renee Halpert

Description of the reality of violence: We discussed our personal experiences with haredi violence in Beit Shemesh.
Estimate: There are 500 – 1000 hooligans in RBS.
Our goals:
To create a climate of zero-tolerance for violence within Beit Shemesh.
To give the silent, non-violent majority the courage to speak up publicly and demand that the violence stop.
To push the police to punish the perpetrators.
To create a “rumble” from below that will convince our leaders – politicians, Rabbis, and police officers – that we are unhappy with the current situation, and will not stand for it.
To reverse the negative decline within Beit Shemesh: housing pricing are dropping, people are moving to Modiin, who would want to come here given the garbage, the violence, the current climate?
First Project: Citizen’s meeting with the Mayor. Action Items:
Invite the Mayor (Renee)
Once we have a date, invite other influential people: Chief of Police (Renee), Rabbis (Stuart), Shalom Lerner (Stuart), Shimon Peres (Sharon to talk to Akiva Tor), Sheetreet (Eve), Avi Dichter (Eve?)
Marsha and Alan to work on phone calls to various block representatives. (Renee will coordinate.)
Katriel and Sharon to work on a list of demands during the meeting.

NOTE: Katriel can translate from English à Hebrew, so anything we have to go out, please run it by him!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

RBSA's very own Elyon releases 1st album

Sameach Music is proud to introduce two very unique and inspirational musicians--Eliezer Kosoy and Yonason Hill form the musical duet "Elyon," having recently released their first album together with the same title, under the Sameach Music record label. Elyon is Kosoy's third original album and Hill has been featured as a backup vocalist and guitarist on over 20 albums. The two currently live in Israel where they learn Torah most of the day, and they bring a wealth of life experience and spiritual vision to their music. They originally met many years ago at Yeshivas Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem and discovered their musical connection while singing zemiros together at Hill's Shabbos table. After recording a demo CD together 2 years ago, the duet began performing for kiruv groups and yeshivas throughout Israel. The response to their music was excellent, and groups were simultaneously inspired as well as entertained: "Your heartfelt niggunim and inspired songs helped create an atmosphere of deep simcha and real longing for kirvas Hashem...Your distinctive style and unique sound resonated with chein and truth, and a tangible sense of inner working and avodah."

Elyon, which combines the beginnings of their first names, is also a Hebrew word which means high and exalted. True to its title, the album takes its listeners to a high and exalted place, with 13 inspirational and unforgettable tracks such as "Eye on the Light" and " Siyu Yadeichem." The vision of Elyon is to create a unique brand of Jewish music that will inspire, strengthen and arouse the hearts of Jews to come closer to Hashem. The music is strongly influenced by ideas from the Chasidic and Mussar movements, and takes from classical American folk. In an article written for Jemagazine entitled "If Simon and Garfunkel were frum" they were accurately compared to that legendary duo--the sweet voices of Elyon blend together in an unmistakable harmony. Kosoy and Hill have also both benefited greatly and strengthened their emunah in Hashem from the writings and CD's of Rav Lazer Brody and many of his ideas have found their expression in the music.

The album is currently on sale in Jewish music and book stores across the States, and abroad, and is available online at Sameach Music, and a concert tour of North America will be coming in the near future. The album will soon be released in stores throughout Israel . May the music continue to inspire those who listen to it.

Weddings, Sheva Brachos, Melave Malkas, Yeshivas, Private functions, Summer camps, Bar mitzvos.

References available.

Have performed for Yeshivas: Reishit, Lev Torah, Toras Shraga, Shalevim, Shor Yoshuv. Melava Malka at Aish Kodesh. Bar mitzvos, Hotel concerts.

What they've said,"The balance of slow, soulful dveykus niggunim, leibedig dancing, originals and classics was great."

"They had a wide repertoire of songs, including original soulful and spirited songs and classic chassidic niggunim, which made it a happy and uplifted night."

"...the students left the concert inspired and enthusiastic. It was both highly spiritual and entertaining."

For more information please contact:

Eliezer Kosoy @ 02 991 4867or 057 311 4868 or @

You can see the live performance of "Siyu Yadeichem" at Lev Yisrael on the videos.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Annual Clean Up Campaign

I bumped into one of our local residents, Reb Nesanel Neuman who told me that he is organizing the annual kids clen up campaign where local kids are awarded for the initiative to pick up and clean up the neighborhood. Last year's attack on igloo wrappers netted 2500 !!! igloo wrappers.

Parents are always encouraged to teach their kids not to litter, but the cleanup initiative is a great idea and one worthy of emulation in any neighborhood.

More details to follow...

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Catriel Lev's call to action

Catriel Lev asked me to post this here:

THIS IS A LONG Posting, but ITS MAIN POINT IS SUMMARIZED in the following two paragraphs:

I am starting an initiative to rid our neighborhood of its intolerance and violence problems; I call it the Vaad LeHatzneah Lechet im Elokecha (הועד להצנע לכת עם אלקיך), based upon the verse in Michah (6:8) – but the name is much less important than the goal! I am not naïve; the problems may never be totally eradicated, but if we make that our goal, we should be able to reach something like 90-99% success over the course of the years that this initiative will have to operate! We need the participation of many, many people from each of the communities which comprise Ramat Bet Shemesh – so this initiative is for all of you: Dati, Chareidi, Masorati and Chiloni!

I urge everyone else who has the courage and the determination to work with me to build a coherent non-violent solution to contact me by Email ( so that we can set up a LONG list of MANY people who will be willing to stand up and be counted to stop the Chillul Hahshem.

Some DETAILS of This Initiative:
First of all, this type of initiative will clearly need years to turn back the unhealthy tide that has caused so much Chillul Hashem and grief to residents of our city! I am looking for other like-minded people from Bet Shemesh FROM ALL COMMUNITIES – we can only do this with serious public Chareidi community participation as well as participation of the other communities in our fair city! I am NOT looking for people who want REVENGE or the like! We need people with the courage and the determination to work to build a coherent non-violent solution – and non-violent solutions almost always take more time to effect than violent ones!

I ask for people to have courage and determination because people have already been threatened with regard to these issues, and we can expect that there will be further threats (and perhaps physical attacks) as this initiative progresses. HOWEVER, I am certain that it behooves us to develop the courage and determination to take action, even if it entails some risk, so that we have a chance to "turn the tide" and not just leave our neighborhood open to more and more violence and intolerance!

We must pursue positive steps with calculated plans to make EVERYONE feel as welcome as possible in our community; and this means working out practical "programs" that will halt violence (or at least reduce it in the utmost) and will "force" violent types to find outlets for their nervous energy in activities that neither injure nor offend others. So this requires all of us to "step back" from our anger at the despicable actions which have occurred, and realize that those who have been performing these actions are also our fellow Jews, and that there are ways to direct them to non-offensive behavior. That they may deserve to be punished is beside the point – WHAT WE NEED IS A TRULY PLEASANT COMMUNITY ATMOSPHERE, so we also have to be ready to deal with the needs of the people who have been behaving offensively!

The most elementary part of a solution is having reasonable people from all communities unite for the common goal of eliminating violence as a way to deal with community issues. The vast majority of people from all communities are disgusted with the violence by "hooligans" that is besmirching the name of our city (at least, I believe that the vast majority thinks this way, and I sincerely hope that I am not being naïve in this belief), but this "silent majority" opinion has not yet coalesced into a form that can be used for positive action.

There are three basic points on which we must take positive action:

1. Getting everyone who disapproves of violence to refrain from any actions which might make the hooligans who commit violent acts appear to be celebrities. They have already become celebrities to a certain extent, and we must work on removing this celebrity status. This, of course, includes approaching Rabbis who have not yet opposed the violence and to show them how opposing the violence will improve the community (in addition to being required Halachically, as an EIDAH CHAREIDIT wall poster requiring a cessation of the violence emphasizes – see, which was publicized on this blog spot), and how they can utilize the energies of these hooligans for positive activities (see point #3).

2. Getting the hooligans to cease violence. This is, of course, extremely difficult; but enough strong community social pressure can produce the desired result! This will probably take years of repeated step-by-step social action: first, making community leaders truly aware that the vast majority oppose this hooliganism; second, convincing them that they can make a difference if they continually speak out against the violence (and showing the positivist attitude that even if it does not make an immediate impact the first time, it can have a cumulative effect if it is consistently followed up), third getting through to the hooligans themselves (most, or all, of whom are known in their communities).

3. Rehabilitating the hooligans (most, or all, of whom are known to participate in other activities [like "Tishes", and Hachnasot Sifrei Torah] in order to find "action"): This means having their communities develop programs which can channel the "nervous energy" which these hooligans put into violence, and use it for positive actions (there are some well known examples of this occurring). Perhaps the extremist communities need to provide a Simchat Torah-like affair once a month, and maybe even many of these people who are at present besmirching the good name of Bet Shemesh can be "roped into" activities that help the community (building rooms for Talmudei Torah, helping people build Succot, bringing food to the elderly and the sick, helping people get to hospitals when necessary, etc.). Their community leaders who know them should be trying to channel that "nervous energy" which is often let out in unseemly manners, so that it is let out in ways that can make a positive contribution to the community.

I think that the community leaders who are not at present expressing themselves will NOT do what I suggest here unless there is serious social pressure, and sincere desire to change things among the "silent majority of peaceful Chareidim" (despite the almost certain knowledge that it will engender threats against them) along with the members of the other communities; and I hope that these step-by-step plans can turn around the situation eventually. There do not appear to be any easy solutions, but I have just outlined the skeleton of a coherent non-violent solution.

However, I am not naive – it will probably get worse before it gets better! This why I am appealing to reasonable people from all communities to Email me and let us begin serious POSITIVE action, and we can only do this with serious public Chareidi participation! I have spoken to some Chareidi Rabbis, and will speak to more, but they all seem to agree with me that the solution can only come from the grassroots average people having the courage to confront the situation and to make it clear that they will not tolerate violence and demand that all disagreements (whether they be ideological, Halachic or otherwise) be voiced without violence and with kavod for the other people involved.Let us attempt to "turn back the tide" of violence and to perform a true Kiddush Hashem before it is too late!

Catriel Lev
Telephone: 02-991-4332

Mobile Phone: 054-762-9332

WANTED: First-hand accounts of incidents of violence in Beit Shemesh

It seems that the level of violence in our city has increased. In order to figure out how to address this problem, it is important to first define exactly what the problem *is*.

If you personally experienced an act of violence - someone spitting on you, throwing a rock at you,verbally abusing you, making you feel fearful in any way - please describe it in detail and send it to me or post it here. (Where were you, what happened,who was the violent party, etc.)

Secondly, if you would like to help me begin to work on this issue,please let me know. I believe that many solutions exist, and we can work together to make Beit Shemesh a better place.


Sharon Ra'anan

(02) 589-4147 0545-665-105

Sunday, July 29, 2007



On Wednesday, August 1, 2007, in the RBS Matnas

8:15 pm Lecture (in English) given by young author Shifra Shomron from Neve Dekalim, based on her book GRAINS OF SAND, THE FALL OF NEVE DEKALIM. The book has received wonderful reviews on Arutz 7. After the talk, the author will answer questions (in Hebrew or English) and will sell and autograph copies of the book (69 shekels)

9:15 pm Documentary Film (in Hebrew, possibly with English subtitles) -- A brand new documentary about the expulsion from Gush Katif, in its PREMIER showing! Produced by a film school student from Gan Or, who briefly lived in RBS after the destruction of her home.

The evening will be in the presence of Vice Mayor Shalom Lerner, under the auspices of the city's Moreshet Yisrael Department, in cooperation with the RBS Matnas and Lema'an Achai's Gush Katif Fund.

Entrance is free.
Gush Katif ribbons and bracelets will be for sale and donations to the Gush Katif Fund will be welcome.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Emergency medical center

A source has just emailed me that an emergency medical center (with a tipul nimratz and a birthing center) has already been zoned for across the traffic circle from HaYarkon and HaYarden.

An agreement has been signed by Iryat Beit Shemesh and Hadassah (presumably Hadassah hospitals) and Mada.

This info came from Agaf Hahandassah some 8 - 10 months ago.

More on the new Mercaz

10 Michlelet -25,000 sq mt
13 Kenyon SHopping Mall - 15,000 sq mt 6 Floors
14 Hall for Simchas or Banquets or Conferences I guees
15 Court
16 New Iriyah Building 12 Floors

Likrat Kallah Sept 5th annual fundraiser with Sara Yocheved Rigler at the RBSA Matnas

Likrat Kallah has already helped 291 kallahs (and -tomorrow G-d willling we will help another 23).

We have an annual fundraiser and it is going to be on Sept. 5 at the Matnas with Sara Yocheved Rigler, author of Artscroll's 2nd best selling book, Holy Woman.

Admission is a gift for a needy kallah worth at least 40 NIS or a minimum monetary donation of 40 NIS.

Doors open at 7:45 with raffle and refreshments. Speaker to follow.

Hope to see you there
Sadeena Pinhasik

New Mercaz on it's way!

There are plans for a new Mercaz Mischari right next to RBSA down from where Nachal Ayalon is about 10 minutes away.

Sources say its supposed to contain a new Michlala, New Iriyah Office buildings, A large Simcha Hall and more!

Is this the worst or greatest thing ever to happen to RBSA?
Will we turn into downtown Manhattan during rush hour?
What will be with real estate property values will they rise or fall?

Greater Beit Shemesh with over 80,000 people and growing needs a Hospital. "Would you support the building of a full service Hospital in place of a Merkas Mischari?

Take a minute to comment pro or con and please take the Polls on the right!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bostoner Rebbitzen's Weekly Shiur

The women of RBS are invited to the Bostoner Rebbitzen's weekly Shiur

When: Mondays at 11am

Topic: "Bringing Hashem into our lives"

Where: At the Bostoner Bais Midrash (Ezras Nashim) Nachal Soreq RBSA

Saturday, July 21, 2007

RBSA Breslov Shabbaton a great success!

There was a great Breslov Shabbaton in Lev HaTorah this past Shabbos.

Great Breslov Rabbanim and Mashpi'im including Rav Burshtein, Rav Bergman, Rav Koenig, Rav Kramer and Rav Maimon spoke and taught for men and Mrs Nisenbaum for women.

I was only able to attend the Shalosh Seudos but thanks to R' Hamburg and R' Rubel for organizing an unbelievable Shabbaton full of ruach, and inspiration!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Kol Koreh Against Violence

Thanks to Dov Krulwich for sending this in. I too saw it hanging near the RBSA mercaz.
Poster against violence in general and spec. not to throw rocks, not to burn garbage in the streets, not to damage property because it is not derech haTorah.
Signed by Rabbis of Eida Charedit:
R' Moshe Sternbuch, R' Meir Brandsdorfer, R' Avrahm Yitzhak Ulman, R' Naftali Frankel, R' Yehoshua Rosenberger (Rav of Rama in RBS B) R' Yaakov Mendel Yarovitch and the GaB"D R' Yitzhak Yuvia Weiss

Please send in other newsworthy items from RBS A and I will be happy to post (at my discretion)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

RBS A News - RBS A Graffiti cleaned up by Haredim who care

RBS A Graffiti cleaned up by Haredim who care

Ramat Bet Shemesh has been getting much negative publicity lately as some hooligans masquerading as Torah adherents use violence and vandalism to get across messages of anger and intolerance.

Although the media often fails to distinguish there are two separate neighborhood in RBS, Alef & Beit and while RBSB is mostly Charedi Alef is an eclectic mix.

Unfortunately although there are many righteous pious and G-d fearing Torah Jews in RBSB, it is also home to a few hotheads who make everyone's lives miserable. Although I agree with them that they should be allowed to hang signs in Bet and Alef the violence and vandalism that erupted as a result of the signs unwarranted removal was wrong and gives us a very negative picture.

Yesterday several Charedi Avreichim who care about the defacing of RBSA by vandals took to the streets and brushed and cleaned the offensive graffiti to send a clear message:

"We are Torah Jews, we are the Charedi residents of RBS A and we want a clean neighborhood free from vandalism"

Here are some photos: