Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ShemeShop MOVING!

We are delighted to announce that, due to the success of the ShemeShop,which has now outgrown the location under the Shefa Shuk - the ShemeShop is MOVING!

The new location will be at the RBS Matnas, on Dolev, in a large attractiveroom upstairs.Access to the ShemeShop will be via the library (when the library is open),and at other times via the regular stairs inside the matnas (turn left atthe top of the stairs, last room).

The date of the Grand Opening will be announced in the near future, as willthe new opening hours. Meantime, the ShemeShop is *not* operating at the oldlocation.

The ShemeShop is a thrift shop, selling gently-used high quality fashionableAmerican clothing, at rock-bottom bargain prices, to the benefit of everyonein our community.

All profits are donated to Lema'an Achai to help impoverished families getthrough and, Be"H, out of crisis.

I would like to take this opportunity to express the community'sappreciation for the wonderful work of the amazing team of ShemeShopvolunteers, under the dynamic leadership of Ayelet Wagschal.And thanks, of course, to our fantastic partners in the USA at Yad Leah!

Many thanks and yeshar koach to Miri Shalem and all at the Matnas for kindly hosting The ShemeShop, this remarkable Community Program in a greatCommunity Center!

Watch out for further announcements re The Grand Opening & ShemeShop Opening Hours...

David Morris, Chairman

Lema'an Achai - It's All About Caring
Direct Tel: 02 9997107 Office: 02 9991553
Fax: 02 9992398
40/7 Nahal Lachish
Ramat Beit Shemesh,99093 Israel.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lema'an Achai's furniture/appliances gemach

Lema'an Achai's furniture/appliances gemach Posted

If you have any of the following to give away, please call Dahlia at 052-619-9373:
- baby's cot/crib- bookshelves- meat grinder- mixer- table and chairs- oven- radio- bedroom closets- highriser bed- fans- computers- Shabbat platta (hot plate)- kettle- dairy toaster oven
Thanks - tizku lemitzvot!!

Susan Hoffman
Chana Pasternak z"l Programs and Volunteers Director
Lema'an Achai, (02) 999-1553 ext. 115

Why Should I Give to Lema'an Achai??

* Question: I Live in Givat Sharett/Migdal Hamayim/Givat Savion/Bet Shermesh.
Why Should I Give to Lema'an Achai??

Answer: Lema'an Achai directly helps the needy of all Bet Shemesh in
two major projects, and five ongoing programs.
If you help fund these, Lema'an Achai will be able to continue these
programs, and even add more services, which are desperately needed in
Bet Shemesh.

** Program One: Lema'an Achai Branch Office **

Lema'an Achai has operated a Branch Office, since June 2007, located
about Broder's Pharmacy.
Under the professional management of Meir Crandel MSW (9996862;
9991553 X107), this program is focused on rehabilitating needy
families in Bet Shemesh.
Using methods developed & proven over the past nine years in Ramat
Bet Shemesh, called "Smart Chesed", this program is UNIQUE.
The objective is not to solely distribute hand-outs, which many
worthy organizations do throughout Israel, but to give these families
a Hand OUT - to solve problems and enable needy families to become

The Rambam says this is the highest form of tzedaka. We know from
experience, it's also the toughest to deliver effectively.

Lema'an Achai is the only organization which is supplying these
services in Bet Shemesh.

Some one hundred families from Bet Shemesh, suffering poverty and
crisis, have applied to join this program.
Fifteen of these families have met the program's criteria, and these
are now receiving the intensive help they need to get back on their feet.
We would accept more families, many more, if we had more human and
financial resources to do this.

Your Help Needed: a generous individual donor gave the start-up
funding for the first year's activities only.
The responsibility for continuing & expanding this unique Bet Shemesh
program has now passed to the whole community.
Please donate now to keep this program in Bet Shemesh!

You can also designate your donation for Kimche Depischa for these
fifteen very special Bet Shemesh families - 1800 NIS is the cost for
each family.

** Program Two - Free Dental Clinic **

Did you know that poor people have more pain, worse teeth and more
aural disease?
This is as a result of un-affordable routine dentistry
(stitch-in-time), toffee-diets (cheap energy), and often non-existent
dental hygiene (education).

Lema'an Achai are the sole suppliers of FREE dental services to the
needy of Bet Shemesh.

In the first year of activity, the Lema'an Achai Free Dental Clinic,
located in the old Shuk in Bet Shemesh, has delivered relief to FOUR
THOUSAND children in Bet Shemesh.

This has been achieved in partnership with Tamar Sion, who have
generously provided funding.

* Other Lema'an Achai Programs **

In addition to these two major new Bet Shemesh programs, other
Lema'an Achai programs in RBS also help residents of Bet Shemesh, such as:-

* Financial Seminars - helping people to get by on an Israeli salary
* "Ayala Shlucha" - help for families with serious illness, lo aleinu
* Free Loan Fund - bridging loans, to keep debt from spiralling out of control.
* Citizens Advocacy Center - know your rights, and receive practical
help to get them!
* ShemeShop - thrift shop - shortly moving to the Matnas RBS- open
to everyone!

Lema'an Achai is ambitious to spread the benefits of Smart Chesed to
all in Bet Shemesh, expand, and open new programs - but this can only
be achieved with YOUR help.

* Question: Yes, I want to support these activities. How Can I Donate?

Answer: Tizku lemitzvot!

Local Drop Off Points for Donations
(All donations via these families will be designated for Lema'an
Achai's Bet Shemesh activities)

Broder's Pharmacy - Chativat Harel
Family Wimpfheimer - Maapilei Egoz 6/7, T: 9915898
Family Gross - Shimon 44 (69), T: 9990362
Family Kurtz - Hashoshan 27, T: 9992520
Family Hoffman - Shivtei Yisrael 2/11, T: 9919425
Family Seeman - Tidhar 12 (209) T: 9995935

Secure On-Line:
Drop-down menu: Bet Shemesh

24/6 Donations Tel: 99999.33

Mail Checks to: Lema'an Achai, 40/7 Nahal Lachish, Ramat Bet Shemesh 99093.

All donations to Lema'an Achai are Seif 46 Tax Deductible in Israel.
US Tax Deductible: "US Friends of Lema'an Achai"
UK Tax Deductible: "British Friends of Lema'an Achai"
Canada Tax Deductible: "Shaarei Tefilla Charity Fund".

Halachik Supervision & Rabbinical Approval: The possek and founder of
Lema'an Achai is Rav Chaim Soloveichik, shlita. Lema'an Achai's
rehabilitation program in Bet Shemesh has been established with the
approval and support of local Bet Shemesh rabbonim.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call (9997107) or email me!

Chag Kasher Vesameach!


David Morris, Chairman
Lema'an Achai - It's All About Caring

Direct Tel: 02 9997107
Office: 02 9991553
Fax: 02 9992398

40/7 Nahal Lachish
Ramat Beit Shemesh,
99093 Israel.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

MERCAZ HARAV Shiur by R' FRAND Mon night at Aish Kodesh

This week's Monday night Rabbi Frand video shiur is dedicated to the Kedoshim
of Mercaz Harav.

The Topic is the "Ultimate Kiddush Hashem".

There will be another shiur by R Dovid Gottlieb immediately following,
addressing the same topic.

We urge you to attend these very special shiurim. Video is presented by the
Torah Conferencing Network. There is no charge.

Place: Aish Kodesh - Nachal Maor 4/2
Time: 9:30pm, immediately following 9:15 Maariv.


Lema'an Achai - The Home of Smart Chesed - Proudly Presents...
The World Renowned & BelovedTalmid Chacham, Popular Author of Over 30 Books,Authoritative Psychiatrist, And Dynamic Individual -Long-standing Friend & Supporter to Lema'an Achai -and who has been instrumental in improving the lives of Thousands!
Who will deliver an inspirational lecture:
8pm Prompt, Thursday 10th April, 2008 (5/6th Nissan)
At Beis TefillaNahal Refaim (top of Luz), Ramat Beit Shemesh(Downstairs Social Hall)Separate man/women's seating.
The Whole Public is Warmly Invited!Tell your friends, and bring them along also to THE Event of the Season!
Entrance is FREE.
Note: You will be solicited for Kimche Depischa/Maos Chitimfor One Hundred and Eighty-Three Needy Local Familiesso please bring check books/credit cards!
David Morris, ChairmanLema'an Achai - It's All About Caring
Direct Tel: 02 9997107Office: 02 9991553Fax: 02 9992398
40/7 Nahal LachishRamat Beit Shemesh

TONIGHT - Rav Winston lecture 8:15pm - Carlebach Shul

Rav Pinchas Winston, author and internationallecturer, will speak in English TONIGHT, Sunday, April6 at 8:15pm on "PESACH & THE FINAL REDEMPTION". Kehillat Ahava VeSimcha -Carlebach - 70 Dolev RBS A.
Rav Winston, formerly with Aish HaTorah, lecturesfrequently about Spiritual Clarity, Eretz Yisroel, andThe Hidden Light of Creation. He also speaks onRabbinical teachings on Acharit HaYamim (End of Days)and on current events as they relate to theseteachings.
10 NIS optional donation. Separate seating. Books will be available for sale.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pesach in the Beis Hamkidash Experience

Join BTYA for a multi-media presentation of Pesach in the Beis Hamkidash Experience and learn about:
  • Aliyah Laregel
  • The numerous Korbanos Hachag
  • Shabbos Erev Pesach
  • Tumah and Tahara
  • Much morePresented (in Hebrew) by Mechon HaMikdash

When: Monday, 9 Nisan (April 14th) at 3:00 PM
Where: Beis Tefillah Yonah Avraham
Who: Men, Women, and children (8+)
Cost: 20 NIS/person, maximum per family 60 NIS.

Unlike the Korban Pesach...reservations are NOT required.

"VeNochal Sham Min HaZ'vachim Umin HaP'sachim"שיבנה בית המקדש במהרה בימינו.....

BTYA is located in RBS A at the corner of Nachal Luz and Nachal Refaim.

On Sale Now!

Noam Elimelech

You can buy a copy from me right here in RBSA 02-992-1218 / 054-842-4725

As the Rebbe of all Rebbes and the recognized third-generation leader of Chassidus, the Noam Elimelech is revered for his holiness and brilliance. His profound sefer of Torah elucidations has been diligently studied for centuries. But how many can truly understand his lofty teachings? In this groundbreaking, first-ever English rendition of selections from the Noam Elimelech's classic sefer, Rabbi Tal Moshe Zwecker has opened the world of chassidus - the world of the Noam Elimelech to the English speaking public. With essays based on the weekly parashah and various appendices, including his famous "tzeitel katan" and his stirring "prayer before prayer", every one will be deeply moved and inspired by this important and profound work.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Upcoming lectures in English at Kehillat AhavaVeSimcha

Upcoming lectures in English at Kehillat AhavaVeSimcha - Carlebach, 70 Dolev, RBS Aleph

Rav Lazer Brody - Wednesday, APRIL 2 at 8:15pm"Preparing for Pesach - Gates to Personal Freedom".

ALSO, special guest singer: Eretz Yisroel's Troubador & Baal Teshuva, Hezi Levy (who will provide brief musical breaks during the lecture program).

Rav Lazer Brody is an ex-IDF elite team commando and aBaal Teshuva. He has written four books, and hasproduced dozens of CDs with audio shiurim that havehelped and inspired tens of thousands of peopleworldwide on such topics as emuna, shalom bayit,prayer, family, etc. His website is read by thousandsevery day.

10 NIS suggested donation.

Separate seating.

Books/CDs will be available for sale.


Rav Pinchas Winston - Sunday, APRIL 6 at 8:15pm "PESACH & THE FINAL REDEMPTION".

Rav Winston is an author, columnist, and international lecturer (on the Hidden Light of Creation, SpiritualClarity, Prophecies Regarding Eretz Yisroel.10 NIS suggested donation.

Separate seating.

Books will be available for sale

Garage Sale

BIG and HUGE NEW and OLD items from many different sellers.

Where: 21/7 Nachal Lachish Parking Lot (covered)

What: New items and old....such as toys, Jewelry, Art Supplies, Books, clothes, MANY DIFFERENT SELLERS IN ONE PLACE!

TIME: 3pm -7/8pm THIS WEDNESDAY YOW REVIIAMAZING offers to be found and amazing opportunity to bring a table and sell some things yourself...Don't miss it.