Friday, June 20, 2008

Yisrael Kampbell

Yisrael Kampbell will perform at the RBS Matnas on July 9th at 9pm.the show is called: "it's not in heaven"

ticket's price:60 NIS
ticket's price at door:70 NIS

you can start buying tickets by phone, using credit cards,from July 25th .

the phone no for tickets is 02-9917147,
hours for tickets:9am-12am or 4pm-7pm

Nachal Dolev big Fair-EVENT

On Thursday, July 3rd we will have the biggest EVENT of the year in Ramat Bet Shemesh:

"Chutzot Dolev " Fair

Nachal Dolev will be closed from Nachal Mata to Nachal Timna and will become a pedestrian mall .

from 5:30 pm We will have-A big aviation fair for children.

We will have lots of workshops of building:

kites,parachutes,hot air balloons and more (. 5 NIS per workshop)

*model planes flyover,Hot air balloons flying and more.-

the street will be full of vendors , WE ARE LOOKING FOR MORE VENDORS.

please call Michal at:052-6828259-

AT about 8pm we will have great performance CALLED "Like a Rose": Aharon Razel, Chaim David & Shlomo Katzdon't miss it!!!!!!!!!!!

The fair is taking place thanks to:

Mr Shalom Lerner , Deputy Mayor
Mr Jecki Edri, member of city council
Eshkolot Pais & Mrs Tali Shapirathe education Dept & Mr Klemo Buznach
The Moatza datit & Harav Chaim Ben Margi
EVENT production : Ramat Bet Shemesh Matnas

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rosh Chodesh Event for Women

The women of RBS are cordially invited to a pre-Shavuos evening.

DATE: This Wednesday the 4th of June
TIME: Doors open at 8p.m shiur at 8:30 prompt
Location: Schulman Residence Micha 13/14
SPEAKER: Rebbetzin Rothstein (daughter of the rav of Shar Yishuv yeshiva)
Refreshments will be served.
See you there

Posted by: "Miriam Epstein"