Monday, December 27, 2010

Response from Minister & Parking Mercaz in RBSA

From: Dov Lipman <>
A big thank you to everyone in list land for signing the petition over the
past few weeks demanding that the Minister for Public Security get involved
in the crime situation in our city, especially the school burglaries.  The
Minister's aide called me today and informed me that the Minister was
motivated into action after reading the petition and seeing the number of
signatures.  They are sending an official response in the coming days which
I will share with the list and she told me that the Minister is getting
involved with the situation immediately. 
Dov Lipman
From: "Aryeh Sonnenberg" <>
Of course, I'm talking about the Mercaz Mischari in RBS A.

If you are sick of circling around again and again to find a spot, sign the

You'll find a video there, as well as downloadable petition forms, too.

* Yes, we need to do something about people that park in more than one
* Yes, we need to encourage business owners and employees to park further
* Yes, we need to get the tenants to park underground.
* Yes, we need to free up the 30+ spots taken by rental companies and used
car salesmen.

We need you to sign the petition so we can work on all of these short and
long-term issues.

Aryeh Sonnenberg

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